RED ROOSTER - Leading in power tool solutions

RED ROOSTER Industrial contains air tools like impact wrenches, grinders and drills for continuous use and a wide range of air and battery assembly tools. High quality tools selected from the product range of the best manufacturers. The RED ROOSTER Quality range covers the automotive after market. Our RED ROOSTER program has been changed in the last few years. The number of industrial tools has been increased in relation to the number of quality range tools. RED ROOSTER Quality tools for the automotive after market, workshops, etc. can be recognized by their red RED ROOSTER logos.

​RED ROOSTER Air chain hoists up to 100 tons

We are very proud at the air hoists in our RED ROOSTER program. These hoists are partly made by TOKU, and have the reputation of high industrial quality and are used by several famous users. RED ROOSTER air hoists can easily be delivered in spark resistant executions which separates them from our competitors. With a market share of over 70% in the UK as well as in The Netherlands we can say that we have an interesting product for an interesting price, which is available with short delivery times throughout Europe and beyond.

​Professional workshop

Rami Yokota B.V. has, in its professional workshop, a dynamic test rig. This test rig is calibrated and certified according the European standard NEN - EN 818. With this dynamic test rig, we can test our RED ROOSTER hoist at 150% overload, it is a dynamic test and this is the heaviest condition for testing incorporating the dynamic effects that a load can put on the hoist.

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