Return Materials

Materials that Rami Yokota BV delivered conforming to a purchase order, are not to be returned. In some exceptional cases, after consultation, Rami Yokota is willing to accept return materials.

The proper way to go is establish the contact with the sales support of Rami Yokota BV, where you mention what is the reason why you think it is valid to return materials. In case this is accepted, you will receive per e-mail a Return Material Authorization, which should accompany the materials for transport. After receipt of the materials and checked for accordance by Rami Yokota BV, a credit note will be issued.

The conditions for this credit note are:

1.       The tools, spare parts and accessories are:

  1. Able to be sold as new, unused and undamaged.
  2. Packaged in the original packaging. Undamaged, not written on and without tape.
  3. Still actual in our assortment.
  4. Delivered in the period less than 4 weeks prior to the return.

2.       The materialist are to be received within 2 weeks after receipt of the RMA document, free our warehouse. Included are the RMA document and the original Delivery Note.

3.        Rami Yokota BV has received a balance order for minimal the same value.

In exceptional cases, materials can be returned without a balance order. In that case the following rules apply:

  1. Only after consultation with the account manager
  2. Return fee is 15% of the invoiced value.
  3. Return fee is minimal €25.-

Your return enquiry can be sent to: or contact the sales support department on number: +31 20 531 88 05

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