​TOKU - Making the right impact

4 plants which support the quality of TOKU Products, Operating on the basis of a self supporting system, each factory is searching to manufacture high quality products efficiently with shorter delivery times. These products are manufactured using the most updated facilities of CNC machines and CAD systems with a high degree of engineering experience which TOKU products are relied upon around the world. Since 1997, TOKU ​has been making efforts to obtain ISO-9001 and ISO-9002. These strong efforts to control product quality is included in each item we manufacture today.

Saga Plant (main plant)

Land 30.978 m2, Plant: 14.304 m2
This is TOKU's main plant where air tools are manufactured for the construction and general industry Each manufacturing process is performed in the most efficient manner by utilizing manufacturing Iines In addition, the most updated facilities of CNC and CAD equipment is used to manufacture high quality products. The product showroom is also a part of the main plant. The Headquarters facilities are also located in this plant.


Kamimine Plant
Land: 13 598 m2, Plant: 7.318 m2
Kamimine plant consists of 2 plants. Minobaru plant and Fukuoka plant. Both plants are equipped with the most advanced automated equipment using production lines to manufacture products. Minobaru plant exclusively manufactures hydraulic equipment, mainly hydraulic breakers. Fukuoka plant specializes in manufacturing larger volumes of Impact wrenches.


Kishima Plant
Land: 62,141 m2, Plant 8.475 m2

The plant mainly manufactures larger size impact wrenches and grinders. This is also a very important plant in the TOKU system. The plant is equipped with many advanced CNC machining centers, and Automated Line production is aggressively pursued in this plant.

Hirokawa Plant
Land: 18,368 m2, Plant: 6.481 m2
Hlrokawa plant was founded in 1991. This Plant is equipped with the most advanced facilities. The entire plant is climate controlled in order to proceed with higher levels of quality control. The plant is an exclusive manufacturer of parts. This Plant has obtained the International standard of quality control "ISO-9002" in 1997.


Testing and Quality

By performing proper product testing, quality can be maintained. Establishing this type of total production quality control system of manufacturing has led to reduce in cost and shorter delivery schedules to develop high quality products. Also, in order to perform a stable delivery schedule of TOKU products, we have established an efficient system within the company to receiving orders and arrange deliveries quickly and effectively. The products manufactured at the factory are warehoused at our product center, to be delivered to a domestic distributor or exported for international distribution. By establishing this type of efficient product flow system, we can save in overall cost.

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