​YOKOTA, Industrial and assembly tools

The program YOKOTA air tools has been divided in Yokota industrial air tools and Yokota impulse wrenches. The industrial range contains a.o.impact wrenches, drills, grinders, hammers, pumps, needle scalers and screw drivers. Various models are available as alternatives under the brands TOKU and RED ROOSTER. The YOKOTA assembly tool program contains a wide range of impulse wrenches. These tools are used when accurate torque is required


YOKOTA Industrial Co. Ltd. (Japan) is making great effort to provide high quality and performance airtools for all industries. The modern technology is resulting in a high quality production system, based on 90 years of experience. The company is internationally orientated and active in global sales. The production of the YOKOTA air tools meet the demands of the 21th century. All developments are based on original and flexible ideas. The YOKOTA strategy is that development with team spirit, flexible ideas and young power will bring the best solutions. With all this research and developments YOKOTA is contributing to a better environment for the operator.

​Focussed on improving your productivity

The demand for air tools has been increasing along with the modernization of the industry. Air tools have become indispensable for improving productivity. Over the last decade the demand has been diversified, and higher quality tightening and control system were needed. YOKOTA is now the leading company in the market for air- and cordless assembly tools. YOKOTA keeps producing not only accurate tools, but also ergonomics are very important, in order to achieve the best possible working conditions for the operator.

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