Rami Yokota Academy

Advantage through knowledge!
E-learning and online courses

Rami Yokota Academy offers basic online courses and/or through e-learning your employees can follow a modular online course in their own time.
This concerns several short courses:

  • Compressed air treatment
  • Industrial Airtools
  • Assembly
  • Air hoists

Personal training sessions

In our head office, which is located in Amsterdam, we have a showroom with various compressed air, accumulator and electrical tools, functioning installations and extensive training facilities. This makes it possible for us to use actual tools in discussing every day practice, besides the theoretical aspects.

We offer

Our modules vary from basic training in the practical use of tools, all the way to advanced training with special, technical tools. Our course material is always up-to-date and includes the most recent technologies, in the area of tools, processing and materials.

"With the acquired knowledge of product and application, you will benefit greatly. Well-trained employees increase productivity, quality and safety."

Are you interested in a training session at Rami Yokota? Or would you like more information on our offer?
Please get in touch with us via marketing@rami-yokota.com and let us know what you are interested in.