Rami Yokota office Amsterdam

Rami Yokota BV

Rami Yokota BV is a Dutch company that distributes air tools mainly through Europe. Our company was founded in 1896 and changed toward Air tools from 1963. Our target fields are from service workshop to car factory but also material handling in on-shore as well as offshore applications. To support the biggest markets in Europe we have opened our branch offices in Germany, the UK, France, Scandinavia and South Africa. The brands distributed by us are YOKOTA, TOKU and our own private label RED ROOSTER. To make our program complete we have added impact sockets and chisels from ACTION to our wide range of tools.

In the Netherlands the products are supplied by Rami Yokota B.V., mainly through dealers. Companies as Stork, NedCar and DAF are supplied directly through our warehouse in Belgium. Sales outside the Benelux are handled by a network of importers and distributors covering the whole of Europe and beyond. Germany takes a special place; local dealers are supplied directly from Amsterdam within 24 - 48 hours.

Rami Yokota warehouse Belgium
​​​During May 1996 Rami Yokota moved into the beautiful remodeled building "Bestevaer" in Amsterdam. This building was constructed at 1917 and has many historical features. The building amongst othe​rs offers better growth possibilities for our company.

Our stock area for tools is now more economical, larger in size and located in Wommelgem, Belgium. Also th​​​e training facilities have been improved.​

Rami Yokota BV

De Ruyterkade 120
1011 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 20 531 8800
E: info@rami-yokota.com