We are Rami Yokota

A family owned & managed company from the Netherlands, since 1896. Historically involved in many industries, started selling sewing machines, followed by bike and automotive parts. Currently we are specialized in high quality Assembly Tools, Power Tools and Air Hoists.


RAMI YOKOTA BV is still a family business. We have been providing service and quality for more than 128 years, with the aim of achieving higher productivity, improving processes and saving costs.

Because of our network of importers and distributors, together with our knowledge and expertise in air tools, assembly tools and air hoists, we are able to support the end users in finding the right solution for the job and environment.

Every assembly application requires a different solution. Whether you use battery, air or electric power tools, RAMI YOKOTA helps you to make the best choice when it comes to assembly tools.

In our well equipped service workshop we do the maintenance of all of our tools. Because of our knowledge of the machines and the applications, we are able to give you suggestions and advice to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions.

The brands Yokota and Toku are known for the high quality the Japanese engineers develop and produce. The precision in creation of the parts guarantees a long life of the tools.

Red Rooster is RAMI YOKOTA’S private label of specifically produced tools from leading industrial manufacturing partners. With Red Rooster we have a range of high quality tools for industrial and assembly applications and a sturdy range of powerful service tools. This ensures you of a constant and appropriate quality, at the right price.

Red Rooster air hoists are not only compact and fast, but also very reliable and safe. With a 100% duty rating, they can be used under extreme conditions, in humid environments, outside in the field, in hot, cold and aggressive atmospheres. 

In addition, RAMI YOKOTA BV has a large stock of machines, parts and accessories. This means that you will usually receive the tools all over Europe, within 24 hours.


As the assembly tools of Yokota and Red Rooster are known for their accuracy and speed, RAMI YOKOTA helps you to increase the efficiency of your production processes and thus save costs.

Our assembly tools work, among other things, with impulse technology. This ensures better bolt connections and higher productivity. But this also ensures an improvement in ergonomics, because the machines are lightweight, have low vibration and have no kick-back. This means improved efficiency and less downtime of employees.