Mission, Values and strategy

We are a well-known global actor in the area of air tools and accessories, integrity and respect being key values in our organization. Our target is a healthy, efficient and safe working environment for our final customers.
Driven & Pro-active
Keen, alert and determined we continuously improve our performance and always we have an open eye for new, innovative products and systems.

Involvement & Cooperation
By the involvement with our customers we can continuously react to the ever changing demands of the market. Development of new products together with our dealers and the joint visits to our final customers are good examples.

Responsible & Sustainable
The responsibility towards the society in our conduct of business is a very important aspect. Sustainable solutions inspire our employees to act in the interest of a healthy world.

In the coming years, further optimization and professionalization are the key focus in our company. This way we can ensure further growth and our market position.


1896      Establishment of the company Nauta in Ljouwert, the Netherlands.
1917      RAMI (Rijwiel-Auto-Motor-Industrie) is established.
              - Sales of: (motor)cycles, cars, trucks and sewing machines.
              - Later also taxi, ambulance and livery stable.

1932      Acquisition of the Dutch branch of the American Fisk Tyre Co.
1932      Also the establishment of RAMI Amsterdam.
1963      Our former Managing Director S.T. Nauta takes charge of the company.
1964      Agreement with Yokota Japan for exclusive sales in Europe.
1969      Start of the representation of SMC, Japan.
1974      Contract Toku, Japan, for sales in Europe.
1983      Action impact sockets were added as fourth brand.
1984      Establishment Red Rooster for additional products under private label.
1996      Move to our current main office “Bestevaer”.
2000      Opening Central Warehouse Wommelgem, Belgium.
2011      Our current Managing Director takes charge of the company.
2022      Opening Central Warehouse Eindhoven.