Service request

Rami Yokota provides service in repairs and in calibrating tools.

Service request
A service request can only be made through our distributors. The request form can be completed using the button below, including warranty claim, malfunction and desired pickup time. Upon receipt, the tool will be inspected by our experienced mechanics and the dealer will receive a repair proposal. If the dealer agrees, the appliance will be repaired.
If no approval is received 4 weeks after sending the repair proposal, the device will be returned unrepaired. In this case, the inspection fee will be charged.

Calibration of torque wrenches
Rami Yokota's calibration service is available for all brands of torque wrenches. If the measured values are out of tolerance, NovaTork torque wrenches can also be repaired. In all other cases, you will receive a proposal with an alternative product from NovaTork. If you purchase a replacement product, the inspection fee will be waived.

For warranty claims, please refer to our warranty conditions.
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