New Action Impact socket sets

The new impact socket sets by Action are composed of the most common adaptors.
By purchasing these sets, the travelling service technician avoids lengthy searches for suitable impact sockets for the job.

ACTION is the worlds‘ largest manufacturer of impact sockets. Its impact sockets are durable, of high quality and competitively priced and manufactured from the best materials (chrom-molybdenum alloy steel). The ACTION impact sockets can be used for any kind of power tools; air, electric, hydraulic or battery, and for any kind of application ranging from car repair shops to the car industry. At Rami Yokota we have a very large continuous stock available, ranging from 1/4" drive to 21/2" drive.

The European regulation, directive of machinery 2006/42/EG and EN/ISO 11148-6 states that only IMPACT SOCKETS are to be used on power tools. All Action impact sockets are manufactured according to DIN 3121 and DIN 3129. Universal joints, reducing adaptors and thin wall sockets are supplied without warranty. Always wear safety goggles when using impact equipment. Do not hold the socket while in use.